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  • Do you offer any vegetarian options?
    Although many of our boards contain meat, the Bunny is specifically made for vegetarians. That means no meat plus extra cheese and goodies to round out the board! All of the cheeses in the Bunny are made with vegetarian-friendly microbial rennet.
  • Do you have vegan boards?
    Yes! We are so excited to partner with award winning Rebel Cheese to offer 4 different types of vegan cheeses all of which are included in our Vegan Rebel kit.
  • Can you make a gluten-free board?
    All of our board boxes are gluten-free! We have several cracker add-ons you can purchase to go with your board – some of which are gluten free. Please note, while we do our best to avoid any sort of cross-contamination, we are not able to produce our products in a gluten-free facility at this time.
  • I’m allergic to a product in your box – can I make a substitution?
    If we have acceptable products on hand to substitute, we’d be happy to do it. No promises, but send us a note – – and we’ll do our very best to make it happen!
  • What is your return policy?
    Since we primarily sell perishable products, we cannot accept returns on any of our board kits. However, if you find anything unsatisfactory about your order, please do let us know and we will issue a refund or send you more. We will accept returns on non-perishable accessories if contacted within 30 days of purchase - send us an email at We want you to be happy!
  • How do you ship?
    We ship via UPS Ground every Monday and Wednesday evening. Your box should arrive in 1-3 days -- in time for the weekend! Our cheeses are packed in insulated liners with multiple ice packs to ensure that everything arrives to you fresh and cool!
  • When do you ship?
    Shipments go out on Monday and Wednesday evening of each week so they will arrive to you on Wednesday-Friday (just in time for the weekend!). Orders need to be placed by midnight on Sunday to ship out Monday. To meet the Wednesday shipping deadline, orders must be placed by midnight on Tuesday. Any orders placed after Tuesday at midnight will ship out the next Monday. If you have specific arrival date requests to align with your party, send us a note and we’ll try to work something out.
  • My ice packs weren’t frozen when my cheese arrived – is it okay to eat?
    Yes! Your ice packs aren’t meant to stay frozen solid throughout the shipment – they should still be cool to the touch, but will most likely not be frozen. Remember, cheese is alive and doesn’t need to be kept excessively cold throughout it’s lifespan. If you’re concerned that it got too hot, please send us a note (pictures are always helpful) and we’ll look into it –
  • My ice packs busted during shipping – YUCK! Should I throw everything away?
    Ugh. We hate that. We try our very best to cushion everything, but sometimes those ice packs get tiny holes and leak in the boxes. The good news, they’re absolutely non-toxic and we’re very careful to wrap all products to protect them from moisture. Even if a pack leaks, your products should be fine. If you’re concerned, send us a note (pictures are great) and we’ll look into it –
  • Where do you ship?
    Right now, we ship to MOST of the US with the exception of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska
  • Can I pick up in person in Charlottesville?
    Send us a note before you order – We might be able to set something up!
  • How do I assemble my board?
    Each of our kits come with a handy guide to help you assemble all of your treats into a gorgeous board. We’ll be continuously adding tips and tricks to help you on your journey to become a charcuterie board connoisseur.
  • What temperature should I serve my cheese?
    Remember that cheese is alive! Putting it in the fridge puts it into something like a dormant state – bring it out and the flavors and aromas begin to stir and come back to life. You should generally serve your cheese around 65-70 degrees…which means taking it out of the fridge an hour before you’re ready to serve (at LEAST 15-30 minutes if your kitchen is extra warm).
  • What’s the best way to store my left-over cheese?
    We hope you don’t have much left-over cheese! The goal of our pre-portioned boxes is to give you one perfectly balanced board. However, our philosophy over here is that it’s always better to have too much than not enough…If you have left-over cheese bits, SAVE THEM! There are some fantastic recipes for leftover cheeses – particularly dips. Around here, we love to throw them in our omelets the next morning – think of it as your morning reward for throwing an amazing party (and maybe even a cure for your hang-over…).
  • What’s the best tool to slice my cheese?
    We don’t believe in being overly stuffy about enjoying cheese – if you have a favorite knife, use it! That said, the cheese world has all sorts of really fun (and beautiful) tools that are made for specific tasks and really work quite well. As a general rule, the younger and softer a cheese is, the thinner the blade you need. Cheese wires (also known as lyres) and skeleton knives (the ones with holes) are ideal for your soft cheeses because they cut through cleanly without a lot of cheese sticking to the knife. Very hard cheeses are best ‘chunked’ along their natural fault lines – those short, triangular tipped knives are best for the task.
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