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Feeling peckish AND thirsy?? Bitters & Bubbles make fantastic cocktail syrups in Austin, TX that are a lovely add-on to our charcuterie kits. Syrups will be shipped with your charcuterie kit and come with recipes (for cocktails and mocktails) from the expert drink slingers over at B&B! 


This Lemon Lavender syrup is a light and sweet combination that is perfect for a summer afternoon cocktail. The aromatic lavender balanced with sweet cane sugar and tart lemon juice make it easy to add complex flavor to your drinks at home. This syrup is sweet and mellow and will enhance your cocktails as well as your midmorning cup of tea.


8 ounces

Bitters & Bubbles Lemon Lavender Syrup

  • Lemon Juice, dried lavender, cane sugar, filtered water, citric acid, sodium benzoate