Feeling peckish AND thirsy?? Bitters & Bubbles make fantastic cocktail syrups in Austin, TX that are a lovely add-on to our charcuterie kits. Syrups will be shipped with your charcuterie kit and come with recipes (for cocktails and mocktails) from the expert drink slingers over at B&B! 


The flavor of strawberry and basil has become a staple in the taste community. B&B uses fresh ripe strawberries and bright green basil to craft a syrup that is sweet and sophisticated. The fresh herbal notes of the basil balance the sweet berry flavor to make a variety of delicious cocktails.


8 ounces

Bitters & Bubbles Strawberry Basil Syrup

  • Strawberries, basil, cane sugar, filtered water, citric acid, sodium benzoate