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Our most traditional and most accessible board box - no stinkers, no blues - this one will please your most finicky guest. It includes the crowd pleaser Marco Polo from Beecher's in Seattle that is absolutely loaded with peppercorns, a Fromager D'Affinois that is so creamy and luscious you won't be able to stop 'sampling' it and a drunken goat that is soaked in Spanish wine and mild enough for even the non-goat lover in your life to love.


**Slate board is NOT included. This is a do it yourself kit - not a pre-made board. 

The Adaline - A classic, accessible board kit

  • The Adaline (Regular/Large): 

    • Mitica Drunken Goat, 3 oz./6 oz.
    • Beecher's Marco Polo, 3 oz./6 oz.
    • Fromager d'Affinois Excellence Triple Cream, 6.5 oz./6.5 oz.
    • Rembrandt Black Label Aged Gouda, 3 oz./6 oz.
    • Busseto Prosciutto, 3 oz./3 oz.
    • Olli Calabrese, 1.5 oz./4 oz.
    • Dried Apricots, 2 oz./4 oz.
    • Dried Cherries, 1.5 oz./3 oz.
    • Marcona Almonds, 1.5 oz./3 oz.
    • Delmatia Fig Spread, 1.1 oz./1.1 oz.
    • Piedras de Chocolate, 1.5 oz./3 oz.
    • Fresh fruit, herbs and flowers
  • We ship board boxes Monday and Wednesday of each week so they will arrive to you on Wednesday or Friday (just in time for the weekend!). Orders need to be placed before midnight on Sunday to ship out that Monday or by midnight on Tuesday to ship out Wednesday. Any orders placed after Tuesday at midnight will ship out the following Monday. If you have specific arrival date requests to align with your party, send us a note ( and we’ll try our best to work something out.

    We ship all of our perishable kits in insulated boxes with plenty of freezer packs to keep everything nice and fresh.